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Tips to Keeping A Clean Dishwasher
Dec 15, 2010 Sarah Bowman
  Spots and food build up on your clean dishes are a problem. Follow these simple tips to have a clean dishwasher every load.
  It's destined to happen. You're busy. You quickly empty the dishwasher and put the dishes away without even looking. You have company showing up in five minutes and you haven't even plated the snacks!
  The company has arrived and you start to mingle. Someone asks for a drink and your husband offers to get it. You hear the ominous, "Honeeeyyy?" and start to worry. He's standing in the kitchen with a glass. Speckled. Spotted and crusty. Ew.
  You frantically pull all of the glasses out of the dishwasher. Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty. You explain to your husband that you JUST pulled them out of the dishwasher. They're clean, you know it. But they're all gross. Bits of last nights lasagna, maybe a leg of a giraffe from an animal cracker and some sort of apple sauce that has dried into a crust all over every glass.

  You return to your thirsty guests with their a Star Wars glass. No offense to Yoda, but his all knowing face really doesn't fit in with your dinner party theme.
So what's a girl to do?
  1. Remove all of the food particles from your plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Sure, it should wash them off, but they've got to go somewhere. Be sure to clean the bottom of the dishwasher and make sure there are no food bits stuck in the drain trap. It's a yucky job, but one that must be done.
  2. If your dishwasher has a Jet Dry rinse agent section, use it. It will help reduce water spots on your dishes. You don't need to fill it every load, but be sure to top it off every few weeks.
  3. Helping your dishwasher run it's best by running warm water before starting a load. Think of it as priming the pump. You can catch the water in a jug and use it to water plants around the house. It doesn't take a lot of water to get it warm, but it will allow your dishes to get the warmest water and best clean.
  4. Check the spinning arms before each load. They need to move freely in order to get a good clean. Often I find a fork or sippy cup lid stuck in mine.
  5. Run the garbage disposal before starting the dishwasher. Dishwashers often drain into the same pipe as the sink, so it's important that the pipe be clear. If you don't have a garbage disposal, use a strainer in the sink drain to stop crumbs and debris from accumulating in the pipe. Remember, always run warm water before, during and after running the disposal.
  6. Don't overload the dishwasher. While it's best for saving water and energy to run a full load, and overloaded dishwasher doesn't get as clean. Make sure the items are not touching each other and water can get to every nook and cranny of the dishes.
   Follow these few tips and hopefully you won't have Yoda making an unwelcome appearance at your next dinner party.

Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas cards help people keep in touch during the holidays.

  Around the holidays, people send out Christmas cards to update their friends and family on what has been going on in their lives. There are several types of Christmas cards and ways to create them. Some have photos and others are a simple letter giving an update on the family's life.
   Photo Cards
   Everyone has heard the saying "We'll use this picture for our Christmas card!" at some point when taking a family picture. People change a lot during a year, so these cards allow your friends and family to see how much your family has changed and how good you all look. You can send these cards with a simple "Happy Holidays from the (name) family!" Or you can accompany the photo with a letter about the family.
  Poem Christmas Cards
  You can make Christmas card into a long poem if you are good with words. Rhyme the words at the end of each line, or every other line, which ever is easiest for you. You can dedicate a stanza (four lines) to each person in your family, or to a specific event that happened, like a vacation. 

  Top 10 Christmas Card

  Turn your Christmas card into a top 10 list of the things that happened to you that year. For example, you highlight your vacations, achievements, the achievements of your family, or other notable things. This gives people the basics of what is going on in your life throughout the past year.

 Animals' Christmas Card

  If your animals are a big part of your life, then write your Christmas card from their point of view. This gives a funny twist to the standard Christmas card. For example, if you have a dog named Fido, start it off like, "Happy Holidays from Fido and John. John asked that I write the Christmas card this year because he has been so busy!" Then continue to talk about what has happened during the year.

  Simple Christmas Card

  You don't need to be creative or clever to send a Christmas card; people will like hearing from you no matter what. So, when you just want to write and tell your friends about your year, do just that. Write a friendly letter, no more than a page, about your year and what you have been doing. Any news, like job updates, or vacations you took all fit in this letter perfectly.

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