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Fun and Interesting Computer Trivia
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Fun and Interesting Computer Trivia
          This article shares a bit of computer trivia, it s factual and comes from all times    associated with computers.

  A keyboard has its creator's last name on it, in a straight line. Do you know it?

  Most people have no clue what it is. His name was Mr. Qwerty. His creation is the format of most keyboards in existence today around the world.

   How big were the first computers?

  The first computers were huge machines that took up whole rooms. For example, the ENIAC computer, which is located in Aberdeen, Maryland, weighed nearly thirty tons and occupied 15,000 square feet of floor space. ENIAC contained more than nineteen thousand vacuum tubes and preformed about five thousand addition a second. That is super slow for today but it was super fast back in those days. Now days computers are tiny compared to what they were so long ago in 1949.

  How did the word bug come into the computer language?

  Back when computers were huge and room sized a couple of programmers were trying a new computer and it was not working. So they got to looking inside the mammoth computer and seen a moth. After removing, the moth that one of them called a bug the computer worked fine. The term bug came to represent any line of code within a program that did not work, as it should.

   What is Bill Gates real name?

  William Henry Gates III, he changed it early in life simply because it was easier to say.

  Which is bigger the bit or byte?

  A byte is 8 bits, so the byte is bigger. A bit is a bit of data or information.

  How long has the internet been around?

  1988 saw the computer get a new avenue, with the introduction on the internet. Since 1988, the world seems a whole lot closer then it used to be. This means the internet is almost twenty years old. I find that amazing because the internet is so popular these days.

  Which company is credited with the first mouse within a computer?

  That honor goes to Radio Shack who invented the first laptop in the world. Today laptops are almost as common as desktop computers.

  What is a central processing unit?

  A central processing unit is sometimes called the brains of a pc. The faster your cpu is, the quicker you computer is.

  Name the three finger salute in a computer.

  We have all done it, but until now, most of us do not have a name for it. It is the ctrl, alt and delete combination that will reboot the computer if it is held down long enough. If you hold this combination of keys down quickly and release them together, you get the task manager. If you press all three keys down at the same time and hold them down it will reboot your machine. David Bradley spent about five minutes coding that sequence back in 1980 and we still use it today.
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